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October 07, 2011


Ruby Dustin

I notice the fact that one of the dogs was a pit bull WAS mentioned and the breed of the other three dogs was NOT. I think that's too bad. Not good for the image of pit bulls to point out one bad dog who as you said probably was not being aggressive, but possibly curious of a fragile baby. It would be nice to have a follow-up to know what happens to this dog. Will the family keep him?

Ruby Dustin

I should have but "bad dog" - I don't know the dog so it's possible he is, there are good and bad dogs of any breed, but it's possible he was just curious about this new "thing" that smells funny and makes lots of noise.


Whenever there's a dog bite or "mauling" and the media just refers to it as a "dog", my husband and I joke, "Well, it must not have been a pit bull".

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