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October 07, 2011


Lynn Turriff

Nothing but the truth. I've said to more rescuers that because they put themselves in the path of animals that have, perhaps, been abused or neglected, does NOT mean that *all* or even a majority of pets are ill-treated.

But of course - AR activists will always take the worst case and claim it is the norm.

Lenna Hanna-O'neill

Beautifully written! I've been saying this for years, but you said it better. ;o)


Exactly! That's what I've tried to tell a lot of rescuers and shelter workers. They see the worst pet owners and assume everyone is bad.


I can't agree with you more. I came to the USA as a foreign student 10 years ago. I've had cats my entire life, so I wanted to adopt a cat. However as soon as the "rescue group" found out that I was a foreign student, they would not let me adopt an animal. I understand that they are concerned about what would happen to the animal when I left the US (which I did not and now am in the process of applying for my greencard), but they would not accept any of my explanations that I would never just abandon a pet.
Since then I've taken in stray cats in my neighborhood, and I dare say they are living in the lap of luxury. But my experience definitely influenced which rescue groups I donate money to and my perception of the adoption process.


I respect you & your work, KC, but well I guess I disagree ( a lil). I understand what you are saying, but there is something I would like to add, no disrespect.
- Just because Billions are spent on dogs doesn't prove they are well taken care of. I have seen people spend THOUSANDS on their dog's Training/ toys/ food & still be Irresponsible.

Now to homes being denied- in some cases I think they should be stricker. Make sure these people have the Education/ Lifestyle/ Experience & Money to properly raise the dogs. Shelter dogs attack, all the time. They are sent to these homes with small children, that they have never experienced or been around, and then people are surprised when they attack.

I mean No disrespect as stated before & I truely do respect you & your work.

Please have a Wonderful Night, everybody!

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