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October 11, 2011



Although I know BSL is a very important issue, I am also concerned the Dangerous Dog Ordnance being implemented in many cities is of concern also. It is not inforced uniformly and it really does concern me. Here locally a puppy growled (Retriever type dog) and he was deemed dangerous. I just thought I would bring up another subject that seems to be of real concern and in need of some sort of consistency.


Ollypaw -- your concerns about dangerous dog ordinances are valid. Obviously, there is a legitimate need for dangerous dog ordinances and people DO need to be protected from truly dangerous and aggressive dogs (which are not terribly common). Unfortunately, it has come to the point where many cities have lost all their sense and are looking at normal dog behavior (like barking) as aggressive behavior. Common sense would go a long way in protecting people from aggressive dogs and still being fair to dogs and dog owners.

Dianne R.

As far as the dog who was murdered he should sue the pants off them as did our local mayor

(he formerly lived across the street from my dad)

Royal Canin Coupons

It is nice to know that people like Mr. Criscuolo still exist. There are many people who would not have taken any steps after their dogs were shot dead.
It is because of Mr. Criscuolo, that dogs in his area will get the rights they deserve.

Jennifer Brighton

And thank you, Adam Karp, who represented Mr. Criscuolo. Adam is an attorney in the city I live in. While I hope to never have need for one, it's nice to know there is a competent dog advocate attorney in my area.

Also, thanks to Pit Bulletin Legal News for keeping us up-to-date on pit bull news, both good and bad.

Hanna at Dog Products

Hi Bret,

I like the idea of repealing laws which are aimed at specific breeds because I’m a firm believer that breeds like pit bull, etc. have been given a bad rep. Any acts of aggression they perform are due to human owners who train them for that purpose.


Alissa Starkweather

Thank you for standing up for yourself and ultimately the rest of us who live in the same city. We lost 3 dogs due to this biased law and I still miss them regularly so I'm truly sorry for your loss.

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