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October 03, 2011


Jennifer Brighton

#1, what an excellent resource for LEOs. The questions you list, Brent, are questions all dog owners should ask themselves about their own dogs.

#2, I bet the "haters" will decry the manual because of who the authors are and say it's simply a pit bull propaganda tool.

Mary Flath Cairns

A police officer shot two of my three dogs and I have spent over $25,000 in vet and lawyer bills with no justice for our dogs. One lost her leg and one was shot through her snout (requiring palate reconstruction) in my foyer after a reported dog bite by a pizza delivery man.


Wow, I lost count of how many pizza delivery men I had to rescue off of the top of cars due to my neighbor's former dog - the dog even bit one pizza delivery man. The local police never attempted to shoot the dog (I don't believe anyone ever called to report the dog) but I recognize law enforcement shooting dogs IS a problem.

I have a question for Mary Beth - do you live in an area with no animal control? Why wasn't animal control called rather than the police for an alleged bite situation? I'm just curious. I realize in some municipalities Animal Control automatically take police officers with them on calls (and they need to, especially when they're confiscating dogs for no good reason. I'll be leaving here in a body bag with the dogs if they try that at my house).


One more thing - regarding the list of questions in the article for the dog owner, I'm reminded of what Dr. House says - "Everybody lies". ;-) Half the people that call me wanting to place a dog can't remember where they got the darned dog six months ago. They also can't find the breeder's phone number but they always manage to find mine!


I wonder if the cops will actually pay attention to this, or if they'll blithely continue to shoot and kill dogs for no reason...


Excellent reading, thanks.

Phil Sharp

I'm really glad this booklet is out there, but I think what's ultimately required is some hands on dog training for police. No matter what booklet police read, if they don't understand dog body language then they'll still get scared every time they see a pitbull and want to react in the wrong way.

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