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September 18, 2011



Nice roundup as usual, Brent!

Regarding the couple that had their dogs confiscated by KCMO animal control for "illegal breeding" - what in the name of Sam Hill IS that, anyway? "Illegal breeding". Just sounds funny.

The manner in which the police accessed the property is downright scary . The owners had a fire pit, as do most people on ag zoned property. the owner had burned trash prior to leaving for work, but the fire was out before he left the house. The fire department allegedly responded to an "uncontrolled burn", saw the dogs, and called the police and animal control. I told the owner to be sure and get a copy of the probable cause statement, since they didn't seem to think a search warrant was in order. I can't wait to read that piece of fiction.

The man had a state hobby/show permit. The city tried to hang onto the dogs by using the "over the pet limit" ordinance and that's when the city realized the property is zoned for agricultural use, not residential.

I'm not convinced there's any dog limit on property that's zoned ag. There is an avocation permit for breeders that's available if you jump through hoops (old limit is 25, new limit is ten animals) but I'm thinking the permit is for breeders that live on property that's zoned residential. I would have to read the ordinance to be sure.

The owner was quite surprised when I told him Fox4 news reported animal control was working with the owners "to secure the proper permits". I instructed him not to sign anything - (a)I'm not sure he needs any city "permits" on ag zoned property, and (b) if he agrees to an avocation permit he's giving animal control permission to come on the property any time they like - not that there appears to be anything holding them back at the present time.

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