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September 30, 2011


Average Jane

Keeping my fingers crossed! Sounds like your organization has exactly the right leadership.

Dianne R.

That's great news! Although I'd think you might want an executive director with much less experience in the field. Wasn't Bonney Brown new to the field when she started? Anyway, good luck with it.


Dianne -- while it's often true that people with a lot of experience running shelters are ingrained in old school ways of thinking, I think we have found a great person with a long background in shelter management (including strong knowledge in disease control which is important for our shelter) but also embraces more current thinking in how to increase adoptions and the types of programs we'll need to implement in order to be successful.


This is the best news Kansas City has had in a LONG time.

Ted Moore

Bonney Brown was the Chief Operations Officer at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah before being recruited to the Nevada Humane Society. Before that, she was the National Director of Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets campaign and the leader of a major component of the animal rescue effort that followed Hurricane Katrina.

There are shelter directors around the country who come to the job with no prior experience in the field and who succeed marvelously. They are the exceptions, and Ms. Brown isn't one of them.


Wow, congratulations....I guess, LOL.

It is good news indeed!

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