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August 28, 2011



You write the best, most informative dog blog out there!

Nathan Winograd

Not only is it morally repugnant for KCMO to fire volunteers for speaking out about inhumane conditions, it is a violation of federal law.

A civil rights lawsuit against the City would get their attention:

Hoping this could find its way to the fired volunteers.


Thanks Kelly. Very kind.

Agreed Nathan -- and that information already has found its way to the volunteers.


As usual, Brent, excellent roundup. Thanks for putting it all in one spot for the rest of us.

I'm laughing, even though it's NOT funny, about the KCMO shelter "firing the volunteers". there are volunteer jobs from which we've been trying to get fired for some time now. ;-)

I was in Topeka when the story broke about the Shar-Pei/Boxer mix dog bite in Olathe. My traveling buddy and I said the same thing - "it will be pit bull before it's over with". It kind of looked like a Great Dane...something mix to me. I saw no Boxer or Shar-Pei in there, but who knows?

The best news of the week was the civil action in Chicago where the family was awarded 300K for the police shooting their Labrador - particularly after one of the boys specifically asked if they could put the dog up when the SWAT Welcome Wagon arrived. The plaintiffs must have been some sort of minority and the action must have been one of those federal "1983"/civil rights violation suits. If something like that ever happens at this house I know I will end up dead, so plan on coming over to get my 25 years worth of "dog files", Brent! :-)

"How we cover storms..." Good grief! Can we have a moratorium on the stupid reporter standing in the howling wind/rain on the beach during a hurricane? Just once I'd like to see one of those idiots go right over the seawall and get carried away. Extra points if a Great White grabs them and it ends up on "Shark Week"!

And as for the article about "Is food too expensive, etc." - that's just so much liberal drivel. If anyone thinks our animal agriculture is so horrible go someplace like, oh, Somalia and see what you think of their program. Planes leave daily! Our animal agriculture programs in our universities are the finest in the world and in case the "love and kisses" crowd missed it, we're feeding over 300 million people and part of the rest of the world.


Wow, I went and watched the video about the KCMO shelter. "At first they were happy when the city took over the shelter..." - kind of falls into the category of "never wish for what you want, or you will surely get it".

The situation with the Independence, MO shelter is extremely frustrating. The county agreed to issue approx.) 5.3 million in bonds to pay for the shelter. All five or six bids that came back initially were over that amount, and were anywhere from about 7 million to close to ten million dollars. So, it was put out on bid again and now the winning contractor can't get a performance bond???? This is particularly frustrating because we're mired in a bad economy and NO ONE is building commercial buildings. One would think companies would be bending over backwards to get this contract. We've been perplexed by this from the get-go.


i agree that the boxer x sharpei doesn't look anything like a 'pei'. probably some mastiff in there

I take the Animal Ark article about the Twin Cities with a grain of salt. Mike Fry is notorious for spreading mis-information about Animal Humane Society. i notice his article fails to mention that AHS routinely takes dogs and cats from St. Paul Animal Control and Minneapolis Animal Control. In fact, i was at SPAC last week (i occassionally pull for a local rescue) and AHS had 5 dogs flagged to pull and 4 cats.
He's also guilty of turning customers away (they are not an open admission shelter- which i'm fine with, to each their own) but then referring the customer to AHS.
AHS has it's faults, but looks like they're moving in the right direction in spite of Animal Ark's underhanded mission of mis-information


I enjoyed the article on Dangerous Dog Evaluations. One thing I wish it would have mentioned is that a dog who feels that he must bite people all the time is NOT a happy dog, that is a dog under a great deal of stress. When decided on whether we can fix a dangerous dog, we need to evaluate to things: Can we keep people safe from this dog? and, does/will this dog have quality of life? (and yes, people come first. Regardless of what the ARs say ;)).

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