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August 10, 2011



Amazing performances. This shows what the breed can do when given a chance to learn.


Wallace, you give me hope to train my tennis ball obsessed adoptable Beagle, Molly T. She is never without her ball - I hope to use Wallace as an example to show people Beagles aren't just for hunting anymore....


LOL at Roberta -- maybe the best comment ever :) Wallace inspired me to start working with my toy-driven dog Stella -- she's pretty good at catching the frisbee, but she's no Wallace. Sometimes she just thinks it's more fun to bat the frisbee higher and further away from her so she can chase it further.

Jennifer Brighton

My dog, Inca, can't seem to figure out dogs are supposed to catch the frisbee in their mouth not grab it with both paws. She does that with her soccer ball too when I toss it to her. She's definitely not a Wallace either but people think she's pretty talented anyway catching things with her paws.

Roberta, you made me laugh too. I love an owner with a sense of humor.

Hanna at Dog Products

Wow! Wallace is amazing!

But watching this short video made me feel bad for my little guys who love chasing after toys but will never catch them in mid air. As a matter of fact, flying objects seem to scare them.

So, is catching Frisbees a instinctive talent or can it be taught?

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