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August 16, 2011



Thank you Brent. Memphis reform leaders - give us a job to do! We are ready to support you.


I am just disappointed the mayor did not blame Missouri puppy mills!

I'm feeling rather left out right now.


Give him time....


"And reportedly, Pepper has complained on several occasions about an inability to discipline employees (which isn't terribly uncommon in areas with union staffs)."

So the mayor blames the public and Pepper blames the fact that the workers belong to a union as an excuse for maintaining the status quo. BS on both counts.

Brent, I love what you do, but please don't add to the national vilification of unions that is currently being used to undercut living wages and health benefits, and bring down living standards for all of us.

If you are a crap worker who belongs to a union, your superiors need to make sure they document your lousy performance as a basis for your well deserved firing. If your superiors aren't doing this, it's because they don't care, not because they are unable to get you fired.

Again, I truly appreciate what you do for pit bulls and all animals in general.


Well, BigSister, you're going to have a tough time convincing Brent and me to not kiss up to the city employee unions!

We've had that problem in Kansas City, MO (and that's the Royal "We" - Brent lives there; I don't). Since KCMO can't seem to fire anyone due to the unions they instituted "quotas" on the Animal Control officers to force them to do their jobs. They had to pick up X number of dogs a month.

So, what happened? Did they start picking up strays? NO - that's too much work. they just took dogs out of people's yards or bullied people into handing over their dogs to meet their quotas. they also had to hand out more citations, so they park their trucks by walking trails and parks - they sit there looking for people with a dog one foot away from their body and off- lead.

the supervisors aren't going to document employees that aren't doing their jobs because THAT'S too much like work! It would probably be easier and less time consuming to just kill them and go to prison. that's a joke, of course.

Brent, are those quotas still in place?


You can work anywhere, union or not, and do a great job. Or a crap job. And if your superiors don't care, you can deserve a commendation and get nothing, or you can deserve to be fired and hold your job forever. Union or no union. I've been on both sides, and it doesn't seem to matter much, at least not from what I've seen.

It is beyond frustrating knowing that you are dealing with people who literally hold lives in their hands and they just don't care. I can certainly see how the fact that they are paid with public money and they don't do their jobs is even more maddening.

Thank you again for all the work you do for our four-legged friends.


Well, you're correct in that there are good workers and bad workers everywhere.

But to implement silly quotas to force people to do their jobs rather than just fire them is beyond my comprehension.

Do you remember the last episode of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show (not sure how old you are) where a new company bought the TV station and fired everyone except Ted the stupid anchorman, LOL? There are so many real-life situations that make me think of that very episode. As I recall it was the series finale.

Paula G From Indiana

Kim - it has been my experience in both union and non-union office work that the worse/lazier/complaining/inefficient someone is, the better the superiors like them and cater to them.


If unions don't want to be vilified I would suggest they quit protecting sub-standard workers. Maybe then people would start supporting them on the wages, working conditions, etc.

I personally know one person that couldn't get a union worker fired after he was caught RED HANDED stealing!

I know not all unions are created equal. But instead of complaining about people complaining about union protecting animal abusers - speak out regarding this common and UNETHICAL union practice and we'll support you.


Paula G from Indiana - I think you just explained why I retired early, LOL. I think management likes those people because, as annoying as they are, they're easier to control. Like drones.

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