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August 26, 2011


Kathy Pobloskie

Happy Birthday Brent! I started reading your blog after coming home from the No More Homeless Pets conference in October 2008 and I've never stopped. In the crazy world of animal welfare you are the voice of reason. I appreciate your credibility and your willingness to tackle the tough issues with a fair, balanced approach. I'm looking forward to the next 5 years!


I wonder what the average life of a blog is. Five years seems really great to me. Thank you.


Happy birthday and many more. I think the good guys in the dog world are gaining momentum thanks to some great blogs like yours.


Happy Birthday.
Your blog has been a never ending gift to us all.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday! As has been said above, your objectiveness and your fairness to so many different topics are the top reason that I and so many other people return so frequently. Looking forward to another 5 ( or 50!) years!

pitbull friend

Brent: Thank you so much for all of the work you've put into this, and I'm happy to hear you will continue. I've learned so much from your blog. It's a great public service! --Ellen


Happy Birthday Brent! Any cake left??


It was an ice cream cake - -a little melty but still a little left.

Karen F.

The voice of reason . . . that's how I think of you, too. I especially appreciate your posts that contain a lot of numbers. Happy birthday and thank you!


Happy Birthday KC Dog Blog (Brent)! Thanks for keeping us all educated. I have used your blog and references as starting points for a lot of research. In addition, I recommend your blog to anybody, stating it is one of my personal favorites. Keep up the great work!



Hanna at Dog Products

Hi Brent,

In the world of blogging, five years is VERY impressing.
Congratulation on your perseverance and, of course, happy birthday and many happy returns!


mary francis

Happy 5th Birthday - I check with you every work day...part of my routine. You seem to have the gift of calm (thanks for sharing) Thank you for all your hard work.

Annmarie Hill, DVM

That's amazing! Wish I had your drive to blog ALMOST daily about such amazing topics!

Paula G From Indiana

Thank you for writing!!!!


Congratulationes from Germany.
I am watching your blog for three years now - stumbled upon it, as I was doing some research about the shelter situation in the US - and since then I am a regular visitior.


I just came across your blog. That's a lot of posts! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Brighton

Thanks for all your hard work, Brent and Happy 5th Birthday! I can't remember exactly when I first found you, but it was shortly after I got my first pit-mix who will be 5 next month. You are a true animal advocate and set a great example to so many people.


I guess I've been a reader for less than a year, because I don't remember getting a chance to wish you a happy birthday last year, so happy blog birthday! I've learned a lot from this blog.


I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday. It would be even happier if you didn't have to write about 90 percent of the crap you post (and that's not a reflection on you or the blog - it's a reflection on the stupid crap that shouldn't even exist!)


Nice blog, Happy Birthday Brent!I was really appreciating the article you made.


This is such an inspiring story! Happy Birthday.
Nice blog it's good to read.

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