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August 01, 2011


New Mexico Pets ALIVE!

Thank you for the great tweets for those of us not able to be there. Hope you and those unable to make it to DC can join us along with Nathan Winograd, Ryan Clinton, Bonney Brown, Mitchell Schneider and Michael Mountain, who will be the featured speakers delivering informative seminars at the upcoming Western States No Kill Conference. More info at:

Melissa/New Mexico Pets ALIVE!

Clara Miller

I'm not sure, but I think I might have been the woman who was on the bench saying our marketing has been lacking. Obviously it could have been any of us as we all learned at the conference that making excuses is not going to help - action is. Thank you for a wonderful conference and a wonderful presentation. I learned a lot as well. One of the key moments I took away was from Aimee Sadler when she stated "We have to stop using behavior evaluations as culling tools". So true. After spending years working with shelters and rescues that hold their protocols close as if they are the crown jewel, it was wonderful to see so many people and groups that were not only open to sharing their success, but thrilled to be asked.

Clara Miller
Buffalo Humane

It's a whole mutual admiration society thing, good sir. I was probably even more excited to meet you! You do great work, and your session with Shirley was a treat...particularly for me because since Christie was the one blogging it, I could just sit back and appreciate an informative presentation from two talented and influential bloggers.



You are right, it could have been any of us talking about it -- but I think the key, important point is that the conference really puts the pressure on us to figure out what WE can do better for the good of the animals, and not figure out who we can blame for it not being perfect. And regardless of how that manifests itself for each of us, it is important that we see ourselves as the solutions to the situation, not victims of it.


haha - Being liveblogged didn't bother me. I was REALLY worried about working the clicker for the slides though...

Push button.

- D'oh! I messed it up!


Since I was unable to attend, I am definitely looking forward to your future posts! Thanks for "reporting" on the conference for us!


Thanks to all of you who attended - you've brought back some great news, and some great ideas, many of which can be used for *any* type of rescue group.

I've recently been pushing our rescue groups heavily to embrace social media, and it's sort of funny how many are loathe to do so, seeing it as... unseemly? I'm not sure what the issue is, honestly, but I know they all need to get over it and learn to love FB and Twitter and all the other tools we can use to get those dogs out there and marketed to the right people.

My new project: iPhone/Android apps for rescues. This part is almost fun!


Thanks, Brent, we look forward to all of your updates.

As the World Turns in KCKS


Did you get a chance to attend Mitch Schneider's presentation? I am really interested in how he has increased the RTO (return to owner) ratio so high.

I would really like his information to share in my community, which currently has a big fat 0% RTO ratio.

Debbie Tucker

Fantastic, inspiring, and wonderful! Thanks for the blog on this.

Could you specify what you meant by your comment that you are "still saddened by the number of good presentations I still haven't seen in 3 years of attending the conference"??


No kill shelter needs your help: City is undermining efforts, causing dogs to be neglected.

I was checking out the No Kill Nation Blog & read the June 23, 2011 post "Cuba, Missouri, Votes to Go No Kill". I decided to click on the link to the group's FB page & found out the city appears to be undoing all their hard work!

Their Animal Control Officer, Jeff, was ordered to read water meters the last three days of each month instead of doing animal control. Apparently, dogs weren't fed & their pens weren't clean for three days because the ACO was ordered to read meters instead.

"Jeff was told by city officials, including the mayor and the supervisor at the police department and the supervisor at public works that he was not to go to the shelter to work, that it would interfere with the reading of water meters. Jeff called the police department and public works officials last month to remind them that someone would need to come and clean the shelter and feed the animals while he was reading water meters."
See note:!/notes/sue-rhoades/cuba-missouris-animal-control-officer-was-fired-tonight/2299803376330

But that didn't happen, and it's been two months in a row that their ACO has been asked to do this. Officials appear to be undermining all the work that's been done! People are now worried if the arranged transfers of dogs will happen now! Why are officials doing this?

Cuba Missouri Animal Control FB page for those reforming their Animal Control,



Each of the breakouts is sectioned off into six different sessions that you can attend based on your own self-interest. It's great, because it allows people to attend sessions that are most relevant for them, but sad for me, because after three straight conferences, there are STILL presentations i want to see by great presenters because I've been unable to attend them all.


As the World Turns - -I did attend Mitch's session and will be specifically posting about it.


Cuba, Missouri has fired their ACO. No one knows who's looking after the dogs now.

Cuba Missouri Animal Control Facebook page has been deactivated. Residents are concerned about the welfare of the shelter's animals.


I know this is off topic, but they need attention brought to this matter.


Frogdogz -- if you see any good uses of iPhone/iPad/Android apps for shelters or rescues please let me know or post on your blog --- I'm really interested to see how some are using new technology for benefitting animals and getting more safely into homes.

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