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August 18, 2011


Puppy Mills Breed nothing but Misery

Calgary's animal control plan is funded through rather large licensing fees which places the entire animal control funding entirely on responsible pet owners who might not even use the services. The license fees are $31 for an altered pet and $50 for an unaltered pet.

Someone with ten dogs would be paying over $300 in licensing fees alone. Animal control costs should be funded through property taxes just the same as schools are funded. People who don't own pets still benifit from the community safety animal control provides and being able to have roamimg pets picked up on complaints.



I would tend to agree that I believe their licensing fees are too high and thus, cost-prohibitive for many families. I'd much rather see the program funded in part by licensing fees (say $10/$15) and the rest with tax dollars. While I agree that everyone benefits from a strong animal control, I don't have a problem with pet owners offsetting the cost of it. Plus, if the pets get a free ride home if they are ever found, it is still a service for that fee vs a punitive measure. The rest of their program is mostly rock-solid though.


Dang. Saw this this afternoon and is now too late; not recorded on Petsmart :(. Sounds terrific. Different strokes for different folks. Sorry I missed it - it is not yet listed as recorded. Do you know if it was? Thanks.


Roberta -- I don't know if it was recorded or if it will be offered again. If I hear of something I'll let you know...


Doesn't Kansas City, Missouri charge about a $35 license fee for an unaltered pet?

My rule of thumb is it should not cost more to license your pet than it costs to license your car.


It is $10 for an altered pet in kcmo. I think it is the same for unaltered.

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