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July 25, 2011


Lisa in OH

Just curious, does it say anywhere what the 12 additional breeds would be?


The irresponsible owners no longer have the banned breeds to train in a certain manner so they are doing with with the non-banned dogs. Basically Denmark's ban just shifted "mark" a little so to speak. Sort of like "I can't smash my walls with a baseball bat any more so I'll do it with a tree branch instead".


Exactly Holly.

Kenzo has them listed in a different blog post (they have been very good at keeping up with the latest over there). They include:

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Bull Mastiff
Cane corso italiano
Cao fila de Sao Miguel
Dogo canario
Ibero mastiff
Mastin espanol
Mastino napoletano
Polski Owczarek podhalanski
Staffordshire Bull Terrier


In this State there is something wrong. It really worries me that in Europe is the center of sabotage against the dogs.


Wow, more breed bans, brought to you by a country where public safety is clearly placed about all else, and where Child Pornography is legal - Denmark! Everyone here in America gets their shorts in a wad when a city that refuses to ban smoking in public buildings bans pit bulls! Denmark's idiocy makes California's silly laws almost seem sane.

Thank goodness they banned this breed - Polski Owczarek podhalanski

the name alone is scary, LOL. Is that a Polish Lowland Sheepdog? My Polish is a bit rusty, I guess.


You know how you can REALLY get the dog bites down? Ban dogs altogether! Why stop at 25 breeds? (I'm being sarcastic so don't blast me)



May i ask u wtf u mean by saying that CP is legal in Denmark? It's very illegal.

Charlotte Andersson

Thank you Brent - it is not human fatilitys ;) The fatlitys mentioned in the report is on dogs and other animals - we have only had 3 human fatilitys caused by dogs since 1970 in Denmark. NONE by any of the 13 breeds of the list.

It is only two political parties that have suggested to put further breeds on the list - The danish Folkpartie and Venstre.

But there is a Observation list now with 12 other breeds as Kenzo mention on his blog. Those breeds might very well get on the ban list after the summer if those two parties get their way. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that they don't. But I do believe that they wont as many politicians here in Denmark now got ALL the facts and are positive to look at other alternatives.

Charlotte Andersson
Chairman of Fair Dog

michelle jeffers

When breeds get banned, then people go to other breeds for family pets. In a state in Ohio (I don't remember which one), labs this year have the most number of bites (something like 36, and I think Pits are at 28 or 29 followed by shepherds and huskies). Am I surprised? Absolutely not! When a breed, such as labs, who are suppose to be great "family dogs", become popular, breeders start inner breeding and poorly breeding their dogs to keep up with the demand. This leads to issues, such as aggression. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. The more dogs of a breed, the higher the chances of bites! Dog bites will not stop until the right people start being held accountable! Banning 25 breeds will NOT fix the problem! I have had a person tell me I should have my children taken away for owning a pit bull, and he continued to tell me to get a beagle instead. Well, we had a beagle, who had aggression issues from day 1, but she was controllable because she was small, until I had my son. He was 6 months old and crawling on the floor when she went to attack him. Luckily, we are responsible dog owners and were right there. We had to have her put down. ANY dog can bite, and when it comes to children especially, even the small dogs can do damage!!!! Punish the deed, NOT the breed!!!


I'll check up on the child porn statement.

Mark Borg

Everyone is aying that German Sheperds are the worst biters. Isnt that because everyone thinks that they are gaurd dogs and as such are trained to be agresive. I brought up three kids alonside my german sheperd and beleive me when I say that the dog had it the worse. Through his thirteen years of life I never heard a snarl or an angry noise out of him. If trained propely they are the best dogs to have around your family.

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