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July 06, 2011



I often say, "Do we REALLY need a law for everything?????"

MSN falls into that category. First, it's none of the government's business if our pets are intact. That's the most ridiculous idea since New Coke. It's really none of their business if I own a pet AT ALL as far as I'm concerned.

I find it amazing that government expects a segment of the population to control its pets' reproduction when they can't control their OWN reproduction. Even among married couples half of all pregnancies are unplanned.

for crying out loud let the NGOs handle this stuff and do outreach in the areas that need assistance. The problem is many animal control workers have forgotten their jobs. Their job is not to worry about who has "pit bulls", who has intact dogs, and who breeds dogs and cats. The animal rights movement has brainwashed them (as well as the public) and we need to either deprogram those workers or fire them. I have had it up to here with phone calls from people whose dogs have been stolen by the city for no good reason.

Remember when we called ACOs dogcatchers? I am all in favor of going back to that terminology.

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Although I don't think it should be mandatory, I think everyone needs to find it within themselves to be responsible for their pets. If they choose not to have puppies or kittens, they should take all measures to prevent their pet from having them.

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