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June 12, 2011



I know they can't (and shouldn't) identify the 14 yr old girl, but I certainly hope the authorities keep an eye on her (and her mother) in the future. She's got epic potential to do similar and worse things to other animals, other people, and herself. The witnesses who saw her hit the dog and set it on fire - yet didn't call the police - don't inspire much confidence in humanity either.


Great roundup, Brent.
My hubby went to the "pinups for pit bulls" fundraiser at Knuckleheads and had a very good time but he should have taken my advice and used the GPS to find the place. :-) the East Jack Rednecks don't hang out in the east bottoms on a regular basis.

Andalusia, AL (yep, you spelled it right) is down by the Florida border. It's about the size of Kearney, I would guess. The dog was probably a Black Mouth Cur mix (they're popular in the south).

On another blog EmilyS said instead of the term "no kill" a better term might be "live release", as in the percentage of animals released live from the shelter, I suppose. I am kind of liking that term.

Two stories cracked me up - the guy that was playing Russian Roulette with the dog (wow, well, at least he killed himself) and 90% of all pet owners would choose the pet over money in a divorce.


First, I read another story about that police belgium malonois that escaped from its yard and bit the woman- first, the dog was obviously frightened of the storm (many dogs are)- second, the story I read said she was yelling and waving her arms and clapping to get the dog out of hear yard!! Poor dog. I am REVOLTED at the media hysteria re the pit bull that 'scratched" the girl - for god's sake, he was probably trying to jump up and lick her face!


yea, the Belgian that bit the woman was also kind of funny - it's interesting when ADULTS don't know how to behave around a frightened dog.

the other story that was amusing was the Great Dane biting the pizza delivery guy - brought back fond memories of a neighbor that used to turn his Belgian Sheepdog loose at 5:30 every evening after Animal Control went off duty. i lost count of how many pizza delivery men I rescued off of the top of cars, LOL.


Virginia CAN'T be a no-kill state. Not with PeTa's shelter here in Norfolk with their 98% kill rate, and good luck trying to get PeTA to follow the No-Kill equation. You can't change the minds of the insane! But I guess we could be a "No-kill State-except Norfolk" or something.

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