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June 15, 2011



Agreed- I hope the media lays low until the results are in. If this was a lab, do you think they'd conclude that the dog was trying to wake him up like in other similar stories?

PAMM - People Against Malicious Men

My guess is the wasted bastard was beating the dog and this is another case of "he got what was coming to him"

Sarah Clinton

This was on our local news last night (I live in Richmond, VA), and I actually turned to my aunt and said, "Well, I'm sure it wasn't a pit bull because they would have splashed 'Man attacked by pit bull' all over the news."

The news report was actually pretty non-sensational, as far as this type of reporting goes. Two neighbors were interviewed, both who said that they were surprised by the attack because they had never seen the dogs act aggressively. The owner was seen often walking the dogs, and while they had outside kennels, they spent much of their time inside the house with the owner.

It was reported that the owner may have been recovering from a previous dog bite on his hand.

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out, especially when the toxicology report comes back.

Lori S.

I hope I won't come across as a loony toons pit bull nut when I ask if anyone knows the qualifications of the person doing the autopsy? I ask not because I think it's impossible that a dog could have done this, but because if you've seen Frontline: Postmortem on PBS (or heard the audio stories on NPR), you know that our death investigations are performed within a dysfunctional system in which there are few standards, little oversight and the mistakes are literally buried. In state after state, reporters found autopsies -- our final physical exam -- conducted by doctors who LACKED CERTIFICATION OR TRAINING. (There were even people who had NO medical training at all elected to a position that I happen to think they had no business being in.)

It's an interesting series that has lead me to stop taking autopsy results at face value.

If you're interested, there's free (1hr) video program here:

Or some briefer audio reports (that are also transcribed if you want to check them out at work but can't stream audio) here:

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