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June 29, 2011



Hi, I am the current VP of a deaf dogs organization called D2Care or Deaf Dog Connections, Advocacy, Resources and Education. After reading this very sad story I had my share of alarm that the dog was specifically identified as deaf since we are fighting an uphill battle tolet folks know that deaf dogs are as safe as hearing dogs. The shelter that Polar came from (the dog in this event) has contacted us to let us know the history of Polar, her personality and the unfortunate events. I have been given permission to share. Please let me know if you wish their side of the story.


Katrina -- I would love you to share their report on the story.

I personally have met many deaf dogs and have found most to be just like other dogs and to be perfectly great pets. In fact, several I've met have been very attentive to their owners because they rely so much on the physical signs to know what to do (where non-deaf dogs await verbal cues).

But would love to hear what they have to say....


Here is the story from one of the volunteers that worked with Polar. I have removed the names of the family devestated by their loss only:

Just so everyone knows, this is Polar, she was placed in approximately 2002/2003 with the XXXX family. Polar is at best guess an American Bulldog mix, it is what the original shelter tagged her as. We DO NOT BELIEVE SHE IS A DOGO.

Polar originally came from a GA shelter as an abuse and neglect case, who had her ears "cropped" with rubber bands causing a severe infection. Polar was rescued by a volunteer who was deaf, treated until healthy and then initially adopted by a family was deaf, unfortunately, their male American Bulldog would attack Polar at night when the family couldn't hear. In the last attack, Polar was severely wounded so the family decided for her sake to rehome her. A volunteer at the time, picked her up and drove her down to meet her new foster parent. This sweet polar bear was with her foster home for about 4-6 months while the wound on her leg, inflicted by the male American Bulldog, was treated, while she was receiving treatment her foster parent clearly remembers she would lick her while whining softly because it would hurt. Always a sweetheart with people, initially shy in new situations, she quickly started getting over it, and wiggle her but at people, especially children, until she convinced them to pet her and play.

Polar acclimated to her foster home which housed other large dogs, initially shy and careful around the other large dogs, she quickly became a favorite playmate of most of the other dogs as she was a sweetie and a great goofy pup. Her foster parent would check on Polar while sleeping, startle her, and she never reacted in any aggressive or fearful manner. Polar knew a lot of hand signals benefit of her previous training with deaf families, and was easily trainable. Her happy personality easily made her a favorite foster pup, and a great success at adoption events or socialization opportunities. Polar recovered from her wound and was matched with the XXXX family, they had older children, and were willing to learn hand signals, and it was mutual love the first time they met.

This devastating situation has been a harsh blow to those volunteers who knew Polar. We are more inclined to think Polar was trying to help, or made a non-aggressive gesture of moving a child before we would ever believe she would act aggressively towards a child. Polar deserves an opportunity to be tested, or to have further investigation take place before she is euthanized. We hope that Chesterfield County reconsiders this situation before causing the end of a second life to such a tragic accident. Our deepest sincere condolences go to this child's mother, the XXXX family and their loved ones - as well as Polar.

If you do not receive the picture please let us know.

S. Rodriguez
Dogo Argentino Education, Referral & Rescue, Incorporated

Katrina McGinnis

Polar has now been labeled a vicious dog. The link to the law that gave her this label is

We have been told that she will be killed as early as Friday, July 8. There is a family that wants to foster here through a deaf dog rescue, but unless the judge acquires a heart, we may not be able to pull this off. Any help appreciated.


I've been following this story on our local VA news. Sadly Polar was reported euthanized this morning.

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