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June 09, 2011



My fingers & toes are crossed...have signed every petition and sent letters w/pictures...I luv my two pitbulls and hate the stigma attached to them by this law and how it has affected public opinion of the breed!!! Pround mommy of Bella & Bentley!!!

Come on Ohio do the right thing for responsible pet owners!!!!!!!

Robin McClelland

Yes, fingers crossed. Tonight, I will be speaking tonight at a small village in Jefferson County, OH (Village of Amsterdam) which is contemplating BSL in addition to what the state already has, and of course bringing HB 14 to their attention. We (Appalachian Ohio SPCA)have been a loud voice on behalf of the bully breeds in this region, and will continue to do so.

Melissa E

I have a question that I cannot seem to get an answer to. If/when HB/Sub SB14 passes, will local counties still be able to enforce their BSL ordinances under Home Rule? According to the Ohio constitution, local municipalities may enact Home Rule as long as they are not in conflict with State laws. I have read Sub SB14 but cannot figure out what effect it will have, if any, on local laws. Any clarification you may have would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Melissa - my understanding of this is that SB 14 only removes the statewide BSL, but will have no impact on local communities enacting BSL if they are so inclined. While this certainly not ideal, it is at least a win for removing statewide provisions and at least 2 majore cities have shown that the inclination to pass BSL on the local level is fading somewhat.

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