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June 07, 2011



The KCMO shelter is actually closed on Sundays, but it is open to volunteers so the dogs can be walked. It is also open on Wednesdays now. The page linked for shelter hours is the old Halfway Home page, which is no longer updated.

The current hours are:
Mon - Thurs: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

If you can come out and help, please do! New volunteers are usually trained on Sundays.


Thanks Arkiya -- I'll update the original post to be sure to get the accurate information out there. It was impossible to find anything else online (also a problem).


I agree! It is really hard to find the information. Many people showed up when I was walking on Sunday to adopt or look for lost dogs, not realizing the shelter was closed.

The only place I know for sure where it is listed and kept current is the KC Animal Shelter Facebook page (


All the more reason why the shelter SHOULD be open on Sunday (which I know it would be if it were up to the volunteers).


To help at The Pet Connection, please contact me at [email protected]! Basic care is pretty much covered, but we are in need of people to take the dogs on fun outings, like car rides, trips for ice cream, to the park, or for a play session in your backyard. Please contact me if you can help! - Kelly Lange


Dropping a note ...

Michigan House Representative Timothy Bledsoe introduced HB 4714 on June 7th, which would enact a state-wide ban on "pit bulls" and any dog that looks like one. Full information on the ban at -- including who and how to contact those involved.

Apparently my state legislators would like to focus on the non-issue of "pit bulls", instead of the fact that three of our largest cities are on the FBI's Top 25 list of Most Violent Cities for 2010, or the fact that we're the only state still in a recession, or the fact that we've had to cut the number of officers (state and local) and the amount of money going to them because our state constitution demands a balanced budget (to the point that for the past several years [since 2005, at least] we've either had a threatened state government shut down or an ACTUAL state government shut down [in 2007 and 2009, IIRC]).


A special tax to build a new shelter and fund repair of crumbling sewers in Kansas City, MO?
Are you kidding me? KCMO already has a one percent earnings tax. Infrastructure and animal shelters should fall under "basic service".
KCMO residents recently voted to renew the earnings tax and, unfortunately, it passed by about 72%. I would have liked to have seen it pass by 50.1% to put the Council on notice that they need to manage money more carefully.


There are a lot of older cities that are dealing with the sewer issues we're facing now where the old original sewer systems just need to be redone. It's an incredibly expensive project -- and there is a lot of pressure to do them with green standards.

The shelter is frustrating because we just renewed two separate 'public safety' taxes in the past year with the Combat Tax and the Public Safety tax. The shelter could easily have been added to either of these taxes.

Even with these taxes, and the eTax, the the tax rate in KCMO is actually lower than the taxes in several other areas of the metro.

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