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June 15, 2011



Oh, that poor man. My heart goes out to his family. There is nothing more frustrating than PREVENTABLE deaths (of ANY kind). I love the 'blame the victim' mentality that law enforcement is taking to cover their own butts for not doing their job. I expect they'll be backing a breed specific law as well to keep the heat off of themselves. After all, if they blame the dogs, they have zero responsibility here. So sad.


Made my blood run cold. This so reminds me of Diane Whipple.


Does it really matter if these dogs are "real" pit bulls or not? The distinctions we dog people make between the breeds are lost on the public and they are the ones who, unfortunately, matter. I do agree with everything else you wrote, I just get tired of the "there is no such thing as a pit bull" argument.


Also, you did not make the "there is no such thing as a pit bull" argument and I apologize my comment made it seem that way.


Donna, I'm with you on the argument. You'll never see me make it. Clearly 'pit bull' is a classification of dogs. Now, the problem of course comes in on just how narrow or broad you classify them. If you go very broadly, you end up including a whole bunch of dogs that aren't in any way genetically related to any of the pit bull breeds and affect a lot of pet owners who don't know they'll be impacted. If you go narrowly, dogs like the ones involved in this case likely wouldn't be included.

Whereas a good behavior-based ordinance is pretty easy to define, and gets all of the dogs that people need to be concerned with, while excluding all the ones that are not problems...which is why the whole conversation needs to be about dangerous dogs, not dangerous 'breeds'.


As my husband always says, "If I'm standing in the street and a truck is coming toward me, I really don't care if it's a Ford or a Chevy - I get out of the street"!

Ordinances need to be behavior based.


So sad. They look likes mixes. The black dog looks like a lab mix and the fawn dog looks like an amstaff mix. I have an amstaff and wouldn't hesitate to put him down if anything happened ONE time! We have ins, crates, kennels, he's neutered, socialized, cgc trained...but wouldn't think twice of letting him meet his maker if he EVER bit anyone. This owner needs to be held accountable not just the police. Now the rest of us who love our bully breeds have to pay for this mans stupidity. My heart goes out to the mans family!

Bryan McCollum

There is a state law here in Florida that prohibits breed-specific laws. Most areas here have local laws that address dogs that exhibit aggressive behavior, and in most areas they ARE enforced.

I own two pitbulls. They are rolling around on my couch right now, and they are absolutely adorable. Great with kids, great with other dogs...

The breed is not the problem. Irresponsible owners are the problem. Owners should be prosecuted for the actions of their animals as if they committed the acts themselves. Then they would have no choice but to be more vigilant.

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