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May 31, 2011



I saw an interview with the mother. So incredibly sad. She didn't have a clue. The boy friend had to know what his dogs were capable of doing.

Roberta Beach

The boyfriend had a conviction of endangering a child and he was around all these very young children? Crazy. So sorry for everyone but he needs to really be held accountable - of course, the dogs will pay.


Oh boy, yet one more story of "Mommy's Boyfriend of the Month" killing/molesting the kids, but this one has a bit of a twist. The problem lies not with the dog, but with selfish women that put their love lives ahead of their childrens' welfare and safety and then pick bad guys to boot!

This story ran in the Kansas City Star (a very short piece). My husband and I said "well, it wasn't a pit bull" because everything in the article just said "dog". No mention of the boyfriend in what we read.


I read that there were four dogs in the home and that the boyfriend would beat and kick them to make them mean. A neighbor asked him what kind of dogs they were and his answer was, "Monster dogs." How that woman can say that the dogs were never aggressive when they were beaten and kicked daily shows how far in the sand she had her head. She failed her child miserably. It's sad that children have to suffer because of irresponsible adults around them. The grandmother said that she herself had called child services on her own daughter numerous times, but the kids were always returned to her. The photos I saw of the apartment were disgusting. The children were living in filth with a convicted felon. These poor kids were a tragedy with or without those dogs.

"Machete" - now there is a family dog name for you.

That poor child. :-(


Not defending or accusing any breed of dog, but if this pic above is of the dogs that attacled the child, neither of them are true Cane Corso, one may have walked by when a breeding was taking place.

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