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May 05, 2011


Amanda Webb-Carpenter

The MAS use to offer spay/neuter for $8.00 to $10.00 to those that couldn't afford a vet bill. I had 5 cats fixed at MAS back in 2000. I was only charged for the shots they gave them. You could take your pet in at 6am on I think it was the 2nd Saturday of each month get them spay/neuter/shots and pick them up by 4pm the same day. Why do they not offer this service anymore? It would help so many people and animals.


My God I wish I could kick those peoples butt for scaring the crap out of them before they put them down,,I wish I knew how to run a shelter.I LOVE AND ADORE ALL ANIMALS!!!!


So what is stopping us from kicking Matthew Pepper's butt out right now? While we all lament year after year about what is going on, no one seems to be able to end the massacres in Memphis, Gaston, Chesterfield, or any other hellhole of a shelter. Why are we all afraid to stop it? It CAN be done through numbers that show up at the shelter along with a contigent of media. Why can't we as taxpaying citizens end this craziness right now by shutting these government facilities down and not allowing the directors and staff inside ever again? They can easily be replaced by caring volunteers and animal rescues until a competent director and a proper caring staff can be acquired. Without immediate and overwhelming pressure this will just go on and on.


I believe the shelter situations would change if everyone knew the facts about shelters like we rescuers and animal advocated. Why isn't a bigger effort made to include the whole public with this information? Why do our local newsreporters continually report on Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton but can't report true local facts? I think once folks are armed with information they can be powerful, but most sit in ignorance.


choke pole, not poll. I doubt they ask the dogs' opinions on anything!


This is sickening and makes me so sad!!!


I wish I knew how to run a shelter too. This is just disgusting. I think they need to weed out the "shit" that's working there as well. Pathetic. So sad that animals are treated this way. Imagine if humans were treated this way????? I look at animals the same and it's just DISGUSTING! I wish they were all born into the right hands. It's not a's a life!


Ok so, how do we get things done. We can write about all day long. What do we truly need to do to make change happen? I'd gladly do my part, I just need to know what rights we have as citizens to make things happen.

We already know there are a ton of bad shelter workers out there, so what do we do to take them out. I tried finding a shelter that needs help (paid or unpaid) and I can't find anywhere in my neighborhood that wants us outsiders in there. That should be the first red flag. Cranky people that have been in this job too long need to go and we need to do it. So I'm in if others know of how we can do it.


when i hear stories like this it makes me want to shake the shit out of these people!!!! How the hell does a puppy starve to death in a facility that is supposed to be finding a home for it?! it just makes me sick to my stomach that people do these kind of things to animals. but then again look at what people do to each other, and i guess it's no surprise. there are just monsters out there!!!


The world is full of crap people and most of them work at these shelters. I think the good people that love animals need to come out and really kick up a stink to clean up the shelters and also put this horrible shit in the media so everyone knows what is going on.

Donna Williams

How many of the idiots that run the shelters are just in it for the money? Makes me sick that they say they are animal advocates but in reality they just want their paycheck. And the irresponsible tards that get pets because they are cute babies and then get tired of them and throw them out like garbage. Those of us that are true animal advocates need to take a stand and not back down.

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