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May 26, 2011


I'll be there. Fingers crossed. Ohio is finally starting to show a little sense when it comes to pit bulls.


I'm going to try to get there. Parking can be difficult at best, but I'll walk from a far off, cheaper spot if I can! If Cleveland changes, it might be easier to get our ridiculous suburbs to follow suit!


I'll try to get there, I wish Cleveland could set a precedent and be a city that can set the standards for others to follow suite when it comes to animal welfare and laws. If so I strongly believe the economy in this wonderful city could turn around. After all aren't we all looking to be apart of a community that enriches our lives and looks after its citizens? Well some of our four legged citizens need some justice and this outright stereotyped knee jerk reaction to labeling and banning dogs is at best immature and unreasonable.


there was a dog attack in our town a few weeks ago and they are going to change the animal bylaws but the thing that really makes me proud is that at the townhall meeting and all suggestions given to the officials it has been a clear NO BSL, hope when they make the law they listen

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