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April 24, 2011



As far as Missouri goes - My husband attended the rally at the Capitol in Jeff City last Wednesday to support agriculture and the Governor's compromise on SB113. He said Sen. Parson (R-Bolivar) wanted 1000 people there and he got 1000 people.

The people that were against the compromise were protesting over at the Governor's mansion because they neglected to secure a permit to protest at the Capitol. :-) There were allegedly about 135 people. That protest was organized by Missourians for the Protection of Dogs, the PAC that was set up to fund Prop B. They are also running radio ads - I guess they have to burn up that four to six million dollars someplace. Too bad they don't give it low cost speuter/vet care clinics, rescues, rural shelters, etc.

I was at a dog event this weekend and there were several friends there from the southwestern Missouri area - Lamar, Joplin, and Carthage. They still see a lot of puppies in their shelters (we don't here in the KC metro area) and could really use more resources for speutering. It's a two hour drive from here to Lamar and it's a difference of night and day in the shelter situation.

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