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April 03, 2011



Regarding the shelters in the Winston-Salem area, I live in the area and work with a local rescue group and Animal Control is truly abysmal. My group and the other local human society pull as many animals as we can, but it hardly makes a dent in the number of animals leaving Animal Control alive. The Forsyth County Animal Control built a new facility a couple years ago that's really quite nice, but their kill rates have remained just the same. Their animals aren't listed on PetFinder and it's very rare to see any sort of fundraising or marketing for the animals.

The feral cat problem is ridiculous, and despite a local feral cat group, virtually all TNR is done by private individuals.

I've tried to convince the group I work with to lobby for reform, but one of the downsides to being a teenager is that very few people will listen to you.

Kelly Knickerbocker Reynolds

Your blog contains so much great information. Thanks for doing what you do!


Regarding Lennox, the Belfast, Northern Ireland Labrador/American Bulldog mix, the article's headline was incorrect.
Lennox is still alive awaiting another appeal by the owner.
By the way, Lennox's littermate was apparently deemed by the dog 'experts' - the same that claim Lennox to be a Pit Bull - to NOT be a Pit Bull.


Good night, the Show Me Progress website is full of inaccurate information on SB113, the bill that would modify Prop B! how do they explain the fact that Senator Victor Callahan (D-Independence), who carries the water for the Jackson County Democratic Party voted YES on SB113?

If only it were so easy. My own Representative, who is a freshman, admitted he is a chicken**** and doesn't like Prop B but won't vote for changes because his constituents voted in favor of Prop B. Who says there are no honest politicians? :-) All three of the local Reps I know and my Senator are personally against Prop B but will not vote for any changes to Prop B. All four of them are Republicans. My rep and senator told us it should go to the courts. I told them I would rather poke out my eyes with pencils than sit though one more expensive, boondoggle of a civil case and the legislature was the cheaper and safer route.

I talked to a couple of Planned Parenthood Little Missies last week at the capitol and they were trying to keep funding for contraception. I told them Missouri voters only cared about stopping dogs from reproducing, not humans, so all you teenagers just procreate away! I love it - we're increasing funding to inspect DOGS that are breeding but cutting funding for human birth control. My head hurts. The young women were shocked that I was so conservative - and seemingly reasonable, LOL.


The Greg Walters story (Raytown, MO) is also unbelievable. My husband and I both sat on a dangerous dog task force with him and we have file folders full of notes that are substantial enough to do serious damage were you to drop one on your foot!

Walters is a decent person and, unlike a lot of public servants that have ulterior motives, there's no doubt in our minds he truly cares about Raytown. Why he didn't just say, "Yes, I proposed BSL, but in retrospect the city did the right thing by looking at a dangerous dog ordinance, we all make mistakes, it seemed like a good idea at the time, it was a hot button topic due to several well-publicized attacks, blah blah..." is beyond us.

I suspect Walters doesn't understand the serious, upsetting nature of what he was proposing and probably figured everyone had long forgotten about the BSL proposal. Heck, maybe he's forgotten this himself! Perhaps the fact that he did eventually change his mind has blurred the past for him. But dog owners tend to never forget when someone messes with their pets.

Good grief, I still remember the name of the city councilmember in Independence, MO that proposed BSL the first time - 24 years ago! I remember the business he owned, the location of the business, and this guy's hairbrained use of road improvement taxpayer dollars, which is a whole 'nuther story in itself.

We got that councilmember out of office when the next election rolled around. The name of the man that replaced him? A very young man (at the time) who is now known as Missouri Senator Victor Callahan. :-) I take Victor a plate of cookies every time I go to the Capitol even though I'm no longer in his district.


Jackie -- thanks for the comment. Sadly, building a new shelter is no indicator of success -- it still comes down to how well a shelter is managed. A nice shelter cannot get animals publicized on Petfinder, and is not necessarily open for convenient hours. It's all about who the leader is at the shelter and having good leadership that puts an emphasis on saving lives.


Jackie, its not just being a teenager...many rescue people have been in it too long and are mired in the past or refuse to give up their power to new ideas. KCDogAdvocates started because of that very reason - a local Mo Pit Bull Rescue leader did not see fighting BSL as a part of their mission to save pit bulls. No, I'm not kidding. A 30 year old woman with a public policy masters degree was leadering that charge but, if it wasn't the "leaders" idea it wasn't worthy of consideration...

Unfortunately getting AW people to get politically involved is like pulling teeth sometimes - some can't get past saving that one animal to work on actually FIXING the problem so we can save them ALL. There is a balance... if you can't get any traction you may have to form your own group. Its easier with Facebook..


Jackie - I've been doing this since JC was walking around in his sandals and people don't always listen to me, either. A lot of people think I'm crazy. Brent is quick to remind me that you can be "right" and "crazy" at the same time. :-)

Perhaps you should recommend Nathan Winograd's "Redemption" to the people you're working with.

I was at our capitol last week and talked to a woman close to my age who volunteers at the Jefferson City shelter. She is firmly entrenched in the past - we have "pet overpopulation" (she didn't know shelters are IMPORTING animals from overseas in certain parts of the country), and she said they still get small dogs and puppies in their shelter. I told her I had a prediction - in ten years they won't be seeing toy breeds or purebreds, and they won't be seeing puppies.

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