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April 27, 2011



The argument that we don't need more legislation is so ridiculous I can hardly believe what I'm reading...

How much bureaucratic bullshit do we have to deal with every single day as pit bull owners? We finally get a set of laws that actually does something, anything to protect our pets from their needless killing and THIS is the hill you're willing to die on in opposition to "bureaucratic mumbo jumbo".

You're willing to OPPOSE this law because there shouldn't be BSL - so let the slaughter continue on principle?! Why do we have to start with BSL to do something to save lives now? And a lot of people ARE fighting BSL now - these two things are not mutually exclusive.

No, we SHOULDN'T need any laws to make people do what is right so the fact they continually REFUSE to do what is right is beside the point I guess...


I'll also point out that people committing to saving lives support CAPA and H$U$, A$PCA and their ilk are the ones that oppose it. Both are landing in court for their fundraising antics and H$U$ is sending Deserea Bender all over passing BSL MSN. H$U$ was behind all the BS laws passed in Louisville...I could go on but I'm sure you get the point.

There may be areas that need improvement... Concerned raises a good point. A lot of these small rural shelters do not have the resources to s/n before adoption. I think the way they get around that in MO is to require a s/n deposit but the animal does not have to be altered before it leaves the shelter. Something similar will have to be considered sooner than later because of the health consequences...

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