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April 26, 2011



It is always disturbing to hear of dogs attacking and killing someone, but as you stated, it does seem to happen more in poverty stricken areas. I think it could possibly have to do with the fact that a lot of people who live in poverty are also sometimes involved with drugs, have alcohol problems, and domestic problems. Unfortunately, their pets sometimes take the brunt of these conditions, being abused, neglected or abandoned, non-socialized and not trained and a lot of times the owners can't afford proper fencing. And like you said, when they join together as a pack, any attack can turn into a killing frenzy. One person cannot fend off 4 attacking dogs as they might be able to fend off one.

It was a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented. That's the difficult part of something like this. My heart also goes out to the friends and relatives of Ms. Solcedo.

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