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April 19, 2011



OK, is there anything they DIDN'T get from Prop B other than the 50 dog limit? And I hope the unfettered access is better worded than in prop b...I thought I read on MAAL they got the water req added back - I hope its worded better but was glad to see something back to req water at all times.


I've already warned people about calling it"The Missouri Compromise", LOL.

The original Missouri Compromise allowed Missouri to come into the union as a slave state, but Maine had to come in a a free state. I'm sure that was tough, what with those lobster fisherman having to give up their slaves and everything. :-) But this just gives the ARs an outlet for comparing kennels to slavery. Oh, go ahead. who cares.

MichelleD, the Devil is in the details, as they say, and the details in any statute are typically dealt with in what's known as the Rulemaking process. Those details are then published in what's known as "the rules'. If you read the text of the amended version of SB113 much of what's been agreed to by all parties (bad grammar, I know) will be outlined in the rules. We went through the same thing when ACFA was originally passed.

The unfettered access will be specified during the rulemaking process, as will flooring for kennels. and yes, the language about the water being free of whatever it's supposed to be free of has been cleared up.

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