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April 28, 2011



Are they still going to call it Halfway Home Pet Adoptions? I never thought that was an effective name, when I think of 'Halfway Homes' I don't think positive thoughts :(


I wouldn't expect any type of name change until a permanent solution is found -- which will hopefully be soon. I tend to agree with you about the name.


I hope they follow through with what they said here- "A new veterinarian will examine all of the animals, order laboratory tests and prescribe treatment and operational changes as needed to control diseases that may be found", but unless the vet does it free of charge, that could run into a LOT of money. And they already said they would be running into "unbudgeted expenditures" just in making changes recommended by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Like you said, they are saying the right things. But will they follow through? Are there any animal loving people in the community with money who could band together as a private entity to take over the shelter, preferably ones who will make the effort to learn from Best Friends Animal Society to go No-Kill?


An official RFP to find a more permeanent shelter management group is expected to go out sometime in May. After RFPs are submitted, they will choose from those RFPs who will then be awarded the shelter contract.

There are several great, experienced animal welfare groups in the metro area -- and it is suspected that one or more (or a combination of groups working together) of them will submit an RFP. I would hope that the city will choose wisely.

Whoever wins this shelter contract has a very tough road at becoming no kill -- but I do think it is doable with the right people in place and a lot of community support.

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