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April 19, 2011



Wow, where is Shelley Powers? did she take flying leap off of the Chain of Rocks Bridge?

Wayne is just upset because he wasn't invited to the table and given a hero's welcome. Sorry, wayne. This isn't California...or Colorado...or Florida.

Don't let the screen door hit you on the backside at the Capitol. Oh screen doors. Whatever. See ya!


Once again the bigger the org the more out of touch with reality they are and the more hostile they get when their "position of power" is questioned.

Get out of our state H$U$, A$PCA and BE$T FRIEND$ - you're services here are no longer needed.


MAAL is actually an Animal Rights lobbying organization. Funny how they practically took all the credit for getting ACFA passed in the first place - then they immediately complained it was NOT good enough and they spent the next 18 years trying to get it changed and griping about it, culminating in their support of Prop B. But I am so happy they have come to the table, along with HSMO, and agreed to a workable solution.

Funny that Brent mentioned the shelters stacking cages.

The pictures that everyone sees of bare wire cages, stacked on top of one another, with dogs peeing and pooping on top of one another (how do they poop and pee when they don't get food and water?) are probably ancient pictures from the 70s, or they were photoshopped, or maybe they were taken at an illegal facility or in Mexico. Who knows. The bare wire is already illegal and the stacked cages with no impervious layer between them are already illegal under the Ag department rules.

Breeders already have stacked cages with tenderfoot or vinyl-coated heavy wire with a stainless steel or composite material pan underneath them. There's an automated or manually operated system that flushes the waste off of that surface. It is very clean and smells a WHOLE lot better than city shelters! You can pick the dogs up and they don't stink! The puppy nurseries even smell good. The whole "solid surface" thing is something that sounds better to humans but is, in fact, less sanitary. Under the agreement dogs will need a "solid surface" to rest on in the cage (a pad or cot).

So, when the subject of "stacking cages" came up during the initial SB113 discussions, the Agriculture side said, "Okay, I guess no one will be allowed to stack any cages", and the other side said, "WAIT. We can't afford to do re-do all of our stacked cages in the shelters".

Well, DUH!

over a period of five years the cage sizes will be increased and the rules for flooring materials will be modified. The "outdoor access" will probably be addressed during the rulemaking process, hopefully making it safe and reasonable.

HSUS wanted Prop B as written for one reason and one reason only - it would shut down the industry. The 50 dog limit, the ridiculously large cages, and the "unfettered access to the outdoors" were all intended to shut down Missouri's commercial breeding industry. Oh, and that "pet/domestic animal" definition. Once they got Prop B in place they could use that to come in and regulate other aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry, and then our number one industry was going straight down the toilet. And we'd all be eating tofu.

PAMM - People Against Mad Missourians

Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knew this was about shutting down commercial breeding altogether.... HSUS is only going to be happy when puppies have to suffer the misery the poor horses do being shipped off to Mexico and beaten to death with baseball bats.


If HSUS is so concerned about the will of the people maybe they should stop carpetbagging and all their other dirty election tricks.


Since, evidently, I'm expected to provide a comment, as reference my name being mentioned:


I went to Shelley's link. The 50 dog limit was the ONE part of Prop B that all the legal minds agreed was unconstitutional.

But I guess if that's the mindset of the animal rights activists, then HSMO and Wayside should only have 50 animals because that's all any one facility can care for properly.


Thanks for wading through all of this legislation and politics and providing it in an easy to understand format.

As someone who wants to help do the best for the animals in our lives -- I'm watching and hoping that this compromise helps even more animals in the future.

Looking forward to your next update on this...


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