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April 20, 2011


H. Houlahan

Keep in mind that a transfer to TAHS is not necessarily a life-saver.

I was once on my way to pull an ES-looking pup from a southern Ohio pound when they told me that TAHS had her on "their list." They had the guy from TAHS, who was en route, on the other line.

I had just said "Okay then, that's great, let them know that we are here with breed-specific advice for them or the pup's adopter, and we can do a courtesy listing as well," when I heard the employee who was talking to the TAHS transporter yell to the employee who was talking to me "Make sure she knows about the temperament test."

Oh yeah. If the PUPPY fails the "temperament test when she gets to the shelter," they will "euthanize her."

I got the strong impression that this was not an uncommon occurrence, and that the pound employees would be much happier if breed rescue came and got her. Knowing my breed's predilections, I was too.

She's now a well-loved pet. No idea whether she would have "failed" a Sternberg-style test with the criteria for non-lethal performance left amorphous, but I wasn't willing to expose her to that risk.

I don't imagine that a pibble from the pound gets any more slack.


Good news in Toledo, hopefully the trend continues.

Still waiting for "all hell to break loose" per Clifton...


no see, H. Houlahan, this is a GOOD thing.
No one thinks Lyle is going to save every "pit bull" at THAS.. I'm not even sure where you get that from.
If she saves ONE, that's more than Tom Skeldon and as they say, it may not seem like a big difference, but it's a hell of a difference for the dogs she saves.
And she is moving towards creating a whole different attitude in Toledo

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