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April 11, 2011




and discouraging...
and depressing...

I don't recommend canvassing citizens.. they probably approve of the ban. The only course is to change the composition of the council.

I wonder what this means for the lawsuits?


You know, If they would eliminate all intelligent people on the Aurora city council, I bet the odds of having intelligent council members would go down too. See, it works!!


It's all politicking BS. If the ban is working, then keep it. If it isn't working, get rid of it. But there is no way in Hades that it needs to be kept for three types of dogs and removed for seven others. That's absurd, even for this crew.

One would hope that they're taking the political temperature by removing the ban on several breeds and then seeing if there are mass protests or if 73 kids get eaten next week, perhaps with an eye towards fully removing the ban at a later date. But that's just an optimist's view.


What Emily said. :-)

This is nothing more than an effort to eliminate any lawsuits based due to the DOJ ruling on the ADA while keeping their precious ordinance intact.

What the heck is in the water in eastern Colorado? The Apache were able to adjust to drinking water that was tainted with arsenic. I guess the folks in Colorado haven't been able to do that and they have finally succumbed to heavy metal poisoning and damage to nerve tissue.


my country just passed a law on banning 7 dog breeds . they have the right to take away dogs of any of these 7 breeds and take "necessary action" (aka kill them because we're a muslim country) . outrageous . any suggestions on what i can do instead of raging on facebook and twitter ?


Once gain, Aurora proves that its council needs to be replaced with people who can a) do arithmetic b) read at a high school level and c) pass a test in reasoning ability.

Maybe they're too close to Needle-Neck Nelson and can't resist the power emanating from his "pit bull" death ray machine.

Or something.


Chemayne -- start organizing people who feel the same way you do about it and start lobbying your legislators. And if they don't listen, vote them out of office...

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