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April 14, 2011



And no punishment for being a bad parent????Typical!He should have kept the dog and dumped the mother!


Krisna - don't be ridiculous.

The city will ban Rottweilers, which will punish all the Rottie owners whose dogs were not involved in the attack.


I know whenever I see one of these sad posts from you, I'm going to click on it and read that the baby was left alone with a dog.

Julie Muhilly

They will shoot the dog then the parents don't have to take responsibility for leaving a baby alone with a dog. What a shame. Who could be that stupid?

Cedrah Pittard

Who leaves a 7 month old baby on the floor alone under ANY circumstances??? If the state of Maine goes after the breed of dog, they should also go after the mother for neglect!!


I grew up there, they won't ban Rotties... Google "Frankfort, ME" before you decide what "the city" (HA!) of 1500 will do.


I wonder if the mother still has custody of the 2 year old.


Well, they've charged the mom with endangering the welfare of a child so I would hope that the 2 year old has been removed from the home. I couldn't find confirmation of it, though.

She ought to have her tubes tied. No more kids or dogs. Yes, harsh and judgmental, but as someone who desperately wanted children and is unable to have them, cases like this make my blood boil.

Justice for all

"On Friday, Mitchell pleaded not guilty to endangering the welfare of a child during a videoconference in Belfast District Court from Two Bridges Regional Jail, where she is being held in lieu of $1,000 bail. She was arrested Wednesday night."

Sounds like the authorities handled this correctly. The woman was charged - she's in jail. The dog was put down. I'll assume the father still has the two year old since he wasn't there during the incident. There's no evidence that he is guilty of anything but making a poor choice in choosing his wife.

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