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March 08, 2011



AWESOME No Kill news from around the country. :-)

Jodi Sweitzer

I just read this blog on the Allegany County Animal Shelter and the transformations that have been taking place. Thank you so much for giving the shelter some publicity and recognition. It is so greatly needed right now. Every time the volunteers see these types of articles, their hopes perk up more and more. It has been a struggle for us, and I wanted to make sure there was no misconception about my quote in the article on the PhDispatch. I just want to say that John McDaniel and I don't agree on anything. The reason it's been so hard for us (the volunteers who are pushing for No Kill) is because of John McDaniel and other "animal advocates" who go out and skew the image of what No Kill truly is.

I've studied and read up on Nathan Winograd and the No Kill philosophy for years now, and when I actually compare what's going on in Allegany County to some of the other struggles that have taken place in other communities, I can't say that it's been all that hard... Of course other than dealing with the naysayers. Things have actually fallen into place since the first outcry of abuse within the shelter walls took place during Thanksgiving. The director resigned and the Chief of the Emergency Division took the helm while they have been in search for a new Director. Thankfully, Chief Devore has a heart and gave us the chance to show him what No Kill can do inside the shelter, and he's been pleased with the results.

We all look forward to the Commissioner's meeting that is to be held this coming Thursday evening. This is when they are to announce who will be awarded the new position, and when we are going to start finding out exactly where we stand. Chief Devore has stated that as long as he has oversight of the shelter, the killing will not begin again. This makes me very hopeful!

Thank you again for shining a spotlight on Allegany County's shelter. You have no idea the morale boost it is for those of us who have blood, sweat and tears involved in this effort. It's appreciated more than you know!


Thanks Jodi for the comment.

I tip my hat to those of you who have worked hard to make positive change happen at the shelter -- in spite of a lot of opposition to the idea. Kudos to you and all of the volunteers. It just shows the power of the idea of making no kill happen.

I will keep my hopes, thoughts and prayers out for your group later this week....and I hope you will be rewarded for showing them what is possible when you have the will to make it happen.

MichelleD - Director KCDA

"Thank you so much for giving the shelter some publicity and recognition. It is so greatly needed right now. Every time the volunteers see these types of articles, their hopes perk up more and more. "

Thank YOU for all of your work that shows that No Kill is truly possible...because it shows others that they can achieve it too, even in an environment that isn't (yet) truly open to the opportunities.

Jodi Sweitzer

No Kill is absolutely possible! There is no way that it can't be!

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