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March 14, 2011



I've read tons of Petfinder profiles written in just this manner. Across the US and with my local shelters. Am glad you pointed this out to us - its an important detail.

I will push this article through our facebook group. (Am sure you won't mind.)

Kindest Regards, Andrea


"No interest on her what's so ever..."


and then they get all whiney about how they are blamed...


I agree, if this were the best of times, this would be no way to write an ad but this sounds like a crisis. I feel for these shelter workers, and I feel for these dogs. For the record, I am fairly immune to AR BS but this WORKED on me and if I lived in the area, I would try to pull one or more of these dogs.

Valerie Bowman

I noticed with the local shelter that sometimes they slam the owner and the reason they surrendered the animal

Dodie Jacobi

These pets DEPEND on humans to present their BESTness to find the right match for their forever home. The shelter setting is difficult for getting an accurate read, but EVERY being has quirks and delights. My suggestion: hook up with one of the zillions of ad agencies/creative firms in KC to put a little marketing into the posts! Agencies love creative projects that help the community, and this surely would be a meaningful effort!


What's very annoying is that while they have found no time to get to know these dogs, they have found time to rant and rave about the "irresponsible public" and how killing dogs isn't their fault. Instead of taking the time writing a rant, go spend some time with these dogs. Get to know them. Then, write positive bios for them. Brain surgery its not.

Tyler will soon be up for adoption at The Pet Connection in mission ks. The PC adopted out 4 dogs Saturday. 3 of the 4 are dogs who many shelters, such as halfway home, claim to be difficult to place, and "nobody wants". A pitbull mix, a young large black dog, and an 8 year old senior large black dog. These dogs didn't sit there for months, homeless- they were adopted quickly. Shows when you do it right, the claimed impossible is possible.

Angie Lawson

Thank you so much for giving a voice to those precious pets. I myself am tired of all the finger pointing, being defensive when someone has a comment and whinning going on. If these former and present volunteers and staff put the pets first, I am sure things can turn around sooner than 48 days.
I would rather take pets from other rescues that pull from this agency that is so nasty in their comments. I took home another dog yesterday from The Pet Connection to open up room for TPC to pull additional pets from there.


Thank you for posting this! Should we also be contacting City Council Members? I did right before election time and hopefully people will continue to do so.



It never hurts to contact your city council members (and candidates) to be sure they are aware of the situation and that they know this is a matter of importance to the people who vote for them.

Also, encourage them to make a smart choice on the next organization to run the shelter because no kill is possible there with good leadership.

Be nice, calm and smart in your letters with them because I do think most of them are on our side on this...but they do need to know that a lot of people think this is important right now.


They've got their nerve blaming the public in KCMO.

How many pit bulls have they killed due to stupid MSN policy? Brent's written about it - look it up. Are we going to blame the public for that? Oh yea, all they had to do was alter their dog, pay a bunch of fines, not pay the light bill that week or feed the kids, and the dog would have been returned.

We had a club member at one time that owned two intact Rotties. They were licensed with KCMO as intact animals. One Saturday when he was at work they pushed their way out of his backyard privacy fence. They didn't go anyplace - they just hung out on the front porch. A neighbor was working on his car and kept an eye on them. Suddenly the Animal Control truck came up the street - ON A SATURDAY. The neighbor ran over and tried to get the dogs back in the fence but they engaged in a game of "keep away". AC picked them up and it cost our member nearly $500 to get those dogs back.

Not everyone has an extra $500 sitting around to donate to the city coffers.

The city absolutely needs to be held accountable, not only for bad treatment of animals at the shelter, but for stupid policies.


Just over 2,000 -- that's the number of pit bulls that I've estimated have been killed directly because of the city's law mandating the spay/neuter of pit bulls. And that'd directly. It doesn't include dogs that were killed to make room for the dogs coming into the shelter...which could make that number double, or more.


Thanks, Brent. you looked up your own numbers.

That's slightly higher than the number I had in mind as well.


It's political season -- I've probably recited it 20 times in the past month.


"Veterinary Management"? There go the world's compassionate vets again, treating animals like they are worthless. Psychopaths


KMK, guess your story is yet another reason to NEVER leave your dogs outside when no humans are home! Especially strong, large-breed dogs who are intact. Good grief. Your "club member" could have avoided the headache if only he/she had had the brains to leave the dogs safely inside the house when he/she went to work. (He/she is lucky the dogs did not take off running or get hit by a car...)

Sorry to hijack the post but this is a serious pet-peeve. Want to ensure that your dogs won't escape the fence while you're not home? To possibly be lost forever, stolen, hit by a car - or picked up by A/C? Then don't leave your dogs outside unattended!

PAMM - People Against Mad MPR President

Yeah Valerie, THAT is the issue here...good grief.

jill keith

If nothing else the shelter can make a generic statement that say maybeee...all our dogs are temperment tested, we can tell you if they like other dogs, cats, kids and we would love to have you come visit with a few we are sure we have someone to suit everyone!!


In defense of this shelter worker, it is heart breaking to find the good quality in a dog, get attached, write a great bio and still have it euthanized. And still get the calls from people about the pet, and then having to tell the public that the pet was euthanized and then having the public yell at you for not doing enough. It happens and the frustration comes out. I'm not saying it's right, but I'm not about to slam this person either. Clearly, they care about the animal and are very hurt, frustrated and burned out.

pitbull friend

I do feel very sorry for the person who wrote these, because they're obviously overwhelmed.(It's heartbreaking for the person and the dogs, clearly.) But the 10 minutes they took to write how overwhelmed they are is 10 minutes they could have spent with the dog finding one cute quirk to write about OR 10 minutes they could have spent on the phone trying to get someone else in there to write profiles. Either would be a better use of time, no? Very sad.

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