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March 28, 2011



I can't help believing that ACO's in high kill shelters really enjoy killing just as much as Ingrid Newkirk does. There is no other reason for the continued killing in the face of all the evidence that it is not necessary.

Kathy Pobloskie

Brent, were you able to find a source for the average state save rate? I have heard numbers tossed around for Wisconsin but I've never been able to verify them.


Kathy, I confess that I didn't follow up on any of the numbers from the article nor get a source for the state save rate...which is a number, frankly, I'm surprised even exists.


I've very curious about the lack of data on cats in this article. They get a throw away line saying that very few cats are admitted to the shelter- in my experience, most shelters have far more cats than dogs at any given time. So is this shelter just turning away cats because this is a more rural area, and homeless cats are left to roam instead of being rehomed?

I'm noticing more and more than shelters that speak about no kill focus mostly on what is being done for the dogs, but typically not as much information is given for the cats. Is this particular case, I find the idea that no cats are coming into the shelter a rather bad thing, as it means there are cats in that community that are not being helped.


P - Yeah, i agree on the cats...but frankly, all of Derby's numbers are disturbing. To take in one dog every two weeks and not be able to find them a home is amazingly bad. The cats, well, I wouldn't expect them to get that right either.

I think it's weird that the article didn't include cats for Derby, but seemingly did for the other cities. It may have been because Derby didn't keep very good records??? They talk about that in the article. I'm not sure. But agree that doing nothing at all about the cat population there is not good.


Based on the article...if they remove Mr. Klapcik, I'm wondering if he will notice. It doesn't appear that it would change his daily routine too much.

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