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March 30, 2011



Lakewood has always had its head up a particularly dark and hairy orifice, as towns go. I am not surprised.

Fix your header -- you call it "Lakeland" there.


Sheesh. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've mistyped that. I blame a friend of mine who used to live in Lakeland, FL for that.


Lakewood is such a sad excuse for a community, I used to own a business and reside there. It is filled with corrupt political figures, over zealous, under trained law enforcement, and power hungry ACO's. I am close friends with the gentleman that owns Otis, the now famous white boxer that Lakewood police used a taser on, and the legal agreement they required him to sign, so they wouldn't kill Otis is nothing but a farce. The city will eventually have to answer legally for that too.

Kathy Riddle

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