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March 09, 2011



I notice one of the items in the list of activities they want volunteer help is, DOG WALKING! So on the one hand they are purporting to "relieve" volunteers of the "burden" of dog-walking, while on the other hand they are looking for volunteers to walk dogs. Huh?

I hate it when organizations mis-use the english language to try and put a spin on what they're doing. Walking dogs may be a burden for some people, but others, such as myself, love doing it. I get a great sense of satisfaction from giving a caged up dog a 15 or 20 minute chance to exercise and relieve themselves away from their kennel.

To me, dog-walking at the shelter is no more of a burden than going for a bike ride with my nephews. This country is so full of people using double-speak to try and fool the public that it makes me sick to my stomache.


Bill, there is no way this is really about the much as it is letting them control who gets to see what is happening with the dogs.


Good blog, Brent, but the city sure didn't care when they were killing the animals themselves. ;-)

And as I recall, when they put this contract out on bid there were only two people that bid on it and the other guy was WORSE.


In reading through all the documents the allegations of abuse are bad enough, but now we read that Halfway Home Pet Adoptions was no longer state inspected by the Department of Ag under the ACFA statute because it's licensed as a boarding kennel, and allowed to do so because Steckleberg is a veterinarian, I presume? Boarding kennels are allowed to be self-inspected by the Missouri Vet Medical Board and are typically only inspected by the state if a complaint is filed.

You have got to be kidding me!

Enough talk about "loopholes" in ACFA as they relate to commercial kennels. here's a loophole you can drive a semi through!

Oh, and I apologize - I didn't read your blog closely enough the first time. You mentioned only two people bid on the shelter operation and Steckleberg was the better of the two.


My grand kids doggy was took twice this time about 2wks ago I ask for him my grandkids or devasated he is our family my daughter was at a vacant house he had a rash on his butt they said he was being abuse she didnt live there just visit they refuse to let me have him or anyone that knows me or her I know he is grieving he has my home to go to with lols

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