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March 21, 2011



Thanks Brent! I just made a list of whom I'm voting for based on the KC Dog Advocate's recommendations (of course I did that for the primary too and everyone I REALLY liked lost) Do you have a personal opinion on the KC Mayor race? It's hard to tell them apart, on animal issues or anything else...Also how is the Etax vote (not tomorrow, but coming up) going to affect animal welfare in KC, do ya think?


Trouble is, a lot of the worst, most damaging politicians are the ones who consider themselves as, sell themselves as, "advocates."

The ones who think forced sterilization sounds great, and everyone who opposes them or dares to present the facts on outcomes is a puppymilling scum.

The ones who go about outlawing collars they don't like, or puppy crates.

Politicians who push through numerical limit laws on alleged welfare grounds, or criminalize selling a kitten.

The people behind travesties such as Albuquerque's "humane law." Or at least, the politicians who allowed themselves to be co-opted by the crazed agenda of people who assure them that this is the way to be "kind" to animals.

They will all tell you that they are animal lovers, that they are "advocates," and that their opposition are the "roadblocks."


H -- You are absolutely right. Which is why we ask the questions, sit down with them and help them see what will or will not work, and then assign the ratings ourselves (vs asking them :))

Alana -- here is my personal take on the mayoral election (and this in no way represents KCDA's stance, which is solely about animal welfare).

I think both candidates have their strengths and weaknesses. James has no political experience and has been pretty non-committal on a large number of topics. His career is as a mediator, so he is really very skilled at playing in the middle. I think this skill set, along with his charisma, will be very beneficial in forming better relations across the state line and with other areas of the metro -- which will be important in forming alternatives to the eTax (either sooner or later), and for better transit initiatives. I also think he would do a good job of bridging the racial divide in this city.

Burke is very well established and connected politically -- which comes with both benefits and with the baggage of the "old guard" of KCMO politics. He says all of the right things (IMO) in forums and on questionaires, but still is part of the political class that has put us where we are now (for better and for worse). Would probably be a similar mayor as Kay Barnes was (Kay did endorse him) but as a Northlander, may be more supportive of their growth than filling in the urban core south of the river.

I'm personally leaning toward James on this one....but it's because I put a priority in filling in our urban core and bettering ties across the state line.

As for the eTax, I'm going to dive into that next week before that election. I'm still teetering on it. I think it is in the long-term best interest of the city to get rid of it, but am not sure it is a good short-term solution right now...

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