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March 11, 2011



These dogs were Bull Terriers.

Kudos to the people for fighting and kudos to Oklahoma, one of the few states that has consistently upheld its state law prohibiting BSL.

Lisa in OH

Their law was one of the most idiotic I have seen. They banned any dog with the word "pit" or "bull" in the name


Agreed Lisa. On the list of how ridiculous all of these law are, Midwest City's would be at the top. It's crazy enough to ban everything that LOOKS a certain way. It's another to do it based on their name.

I propose a ban all people named George.


Oh no, I want bans on all people named "Wayne Pacelle" and "Randall Lockwood". While we're at it let's toss in "Barb Schmitz", "Bob Baker", and "Kathy Warnick".

No one can accuse me of being "vague".


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