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March 15, 2011



and let's not forget another essential point: "breed" identification is completely untrustworthy. The whole basis for the statistics is on shaky ground.


Thanks for covering this, Brent! There are a rare few cities where the councilmembers and city officials are so determined to save face that they intentionally ignore or distort their own data. Aurora is one of them.


to quote a famous Missouri resident (other than myself, LOL) - "Lies, d****d lies, and statistics".

My brother-in-law told me recently that he hated statistics because you could manipulate data and pretty much get the answer you wanted. When cities claim "the BSL is working - we have fewer bites" but ignore the fact that bites by all breeds almost always go up, they are manipulating data.

As my husband always says, "I sprayed the yard with elephant repellant, and look - no elephants. It's working!"

I'll need to find out what happened with a friend of ours who is a mail carrier in Independence, MO, which has BSL. She was chased by a dog that's a "frequent flyer" with animal control (a mutt) and she managed to get her mailbag between her and the dog. Animal control was called but did not respond and her husband was ready to kick you know what and take names.


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