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February 06, 2011



I can't enjoy the game. My puppy wants to play and keeps ATTACKING me. Alert the media.


Really, whoever writes the headlines (copy editors?) are worse than the so-called journalists.
Just today, there is a headline that reads "Deputies: Man beat, let pit bull attack his daughter".
Let? The man MADE his dog attack his daughter.


I read through that "Dog Aggression and You" link, and I am a little confused about something. When I hear or read the words "dog aggression" or somebody tells me that a dog is "dog aggressive", to me (and to the bunches of other dog people I know) this means that the dog is aggressive to other DOGS, not people. "Human aggression" as far as I know, is the common term for a dog who is aggressive toward human beings. And a bite to the finger because you gave a dog a treat? Most likely that's not any kind of aggression at all, just an overexcited dog who was never taught to take treats gently!

Lori S.

The "Dog Aggression and You" link was interesting, but I'm not sure that I've seen any studies that support a cause-effect link between the factors mentioned. I believe that for all of those factors, the relationship is a (positive) correlation, meaning that if you see one factor, you often see the other also present. Once can't say that Factor A (e.g. unaltered) causes Factor B (e.g. aggression), nor vice versa, but only that A and B are often found in together. They may both be CAUSED by some other factor(s).

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