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February 27, 2011



Lord have mercy, what in the name of Sam Hill is going on in Roanoke, VA? My husband nearly fell over dead when I read those numbers to him.

The stories about police shooting dogs were scary. The one about narcotics officers going into the wrong house and shooting the dog because it bit one of them on the ankle (seriously?) was really scary. That's one of my worst nightmares, because I know one of us will end up dead if that happens around here. Or maybe both of us. Let's see if the police shoot me as easily as they'd shoot my dog.

I liked this sentence in the Brindle Stick article: "Many officers are afraid of dogs".

Really? Gee, how do they feel about the drug dealer behind the door with the AR-15 if they're afraid of a 50 pound animal that lacks opposable thumbs. That's not the person I want "protecting" me! I firmly believe people that are afraid of dogs should NOT be allowed to be EMTs, firemen, police officers, meter readers, or mail carriers.

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