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February 12, 2011


Jeni Mc

Thanks for posting the Ignite bit. In prep for that I tried and tried to write something, and ended up just putting together some slides and going with it. But I did have at least one person walk up to me afterwards and say "I think you make me want a pit bull now". So it's a step!


"Fifteen of the dogs seized in Vick's case are rehabilitating at the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, far from the basements where they were chained and forced to fight. Their recoveries have included disease, injuries and skittishness." The article talking with colleen lynn wasn't a very good one. Why not mention the vick dog's that are doing very well? Why is this all that is mentioned of them?


Great roundup as usual.
The twins who set that dog on fire are going to be retried.


That`s a great video on stereotyping.
I also noticed the tattoo at the end as the speaker raised her arm but yet she still appears to be a normal person.That`s another judgment that some people tend to make.Tattoo equals not such a good person.I smiled when I saw that.


Jeni McC: your presentation is EXCELLENT! Don't be modest.


Brent, you write a wonderful blog, but please don't refer to Victoria Stillwell as a "dog trainer". ;-)

The article about the Chessie that bit the girls in Omaha was interesting. They called it a "Chesapeake Terrier" (??) on the video. And, I noticed the owner lived at 190th and something, which is interesting, because several years ago when I questioned that...person who runs the Nebraska Humane Society about the Omaha ordinance they were supporting, she told me in a very snotty voice, "Oh well, NOBODY that owns a pit bull lives west of 32nd street, anyway".

Oh, I get it, it's perfectly okay to enact legislation that will only affect poor people - which is really what they want to do, by the way. I told her, "Really? Do I look like I might live west of 32nd street if I moved to Omaha?". No answer, LOL.

I guess people with killer Chessies live west of 32nd street, though. :-)

I haven't had the opportunity to read the updates on the sled dogs but thanks for posting the links.


lol, kmk.. the reporter called the dog a "chesapeake terrier" because by reflex, all dogs that bite must be called "pit bull terriers" so he just couldn't say the name of the dog's breed straight.

The dog probably isn't a Chessie, anyway, but some kind of Lab mix.

Jeni Mc

Thanks for the kind words. For JM, yes, I have 5 tattoos, one prominently on my breastbone and the bicep one. I cover them when I want, show them when I want. I felt it was appropriate to show my pit bull tat for this event. :) I do face stereotypes for the ink, and often the same kind as for the dogs.

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