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February 28, 2011



I agree and I'm glad to be counted among the unreasonable.

Saving Pets

*LOVE* This post.

Kathy Bethards

Love this post as well! The local officials in San Antonio, TX need to read this OVER and Over again! Thank You!


I've long been in the ranks of the unreasonable. I like the company I'm in.


Love it ! Yeppers, I am unreasonable have been for years. Past ambassador for the Queen of No Kill Linda Foro and the original "No Kill Conference" killed by Pet Savers Foundation of Northshore Animal League. Saddened by Richard Avanzino's sell out to the big same ole same ole groups that pretend to talk for us. Go No Kill,
Go Nathan ! Don't knock em dead !

Cathi Bruhn

I'd like to put a link to this post on my blog, "We Don't Rent Puppies", at Please let me know if this okay!

Thanks, Catherine Bruhn (via Facebook) or Calsidyrose, via Blogspot.


Any time Cathi you are welcome to link over.

Thanks to all of you unreasonable readers who are making a difference in your communities.


If that's all unreasonable, then count me in the unreasonable gang.

Roberta Beach

LOVE this - posted it on FB with credit. I need to keep a reference to it to remind me to be unreasonable and radical in other parts of my life as well as animal welfare.

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