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March 01, 2011



Oh but it could never work here, we're different...


YesBiscuit, some No Kill naysayers argued with me last summer that Houston was different than any other city. (This is while the "shelter" where they volunteer is ignoring every single thing that Nathan Winograd told them to do to stop killing-196 pages worth).

Seems like a common theme among the naysayers.

Sara India

Thank God, good ...or better news at last! This should carry on and become a role model for NO KILL AT ALL !!!


People who believe "it could never happen here" make sure it doesn't...


These are all tiny towns though. To really get at the root of the problem in cities that take in tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dogs, we need a little less breeding, a lot more shelter adoptions, more s/n, and fewer puppy mills!


Dan...keep reading this week. Because I'll be updating the results in Austin, which is a pretty large city that is also is seeing no kill success. So it can be done in larger cities.

That said, I don't disagree that more adoption of voluntary low cost spay/neuter programs is definitely something that is important if we are to achieve no kill success.

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