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February 13, 2011



I dunno, I'd say she's a huge fan of squirrels. Like I'm a huge fan of chocolate.

Nathan Winograd

Squirrel? My dog took on a bear!

Roberta Beach

Poor squirrel - good dog. Stuffed toys just don't last here at all.

Justus, while welcome at Busch Pet Products, will no longer be offered "store demo - try it." It took him half an hour but he released the squeaker and then sat for ever waiting for Julia to give it back :).


Hey Brent, try the "Skineez" (sp?)toys with no stuffing.

Cute picture!


Jen - That's funny, and yes, it is sometimes hard to tell if she hates squirrels or loves them :)

Nathan -- your dog must be tougher than mine -- no bears in this household.

Roberta - such toys don't last long here either -- but they sure are fun.

KMK - that takes all the fun away! The whole fun is to take the stuffing out piece by piece and flip it up in the air, then watch me stuff it all back into the shell and do the whole process over again until the shell is unsalvagable :)

Paula G from Indiana

Kim - my Bull Terriers shredded that Skineez to shreds in minutes.

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