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February 07, 2011



Omaha is one of many cities that tout the "success" of their dog laws while skirting the proof that public safety has improved. Omaha was already patting themselves on the back in the media in 2008 when they declared the ordinance successful because of the sheer number of citations they were writing.

Lucas County, OH, Denver, and even Yakima, WA have made similar statements of "success" in the media, yet their idea of success apparently had nothing to do with public safety.

I read these BSL "success" stories from time to time, but I have yet to read one where the data actually proves that the public is safer. Sure, there's data that shows citations are up, or euthanizations are down, or compliance has improved... but none of that has anything to do with public safety, which in most cases is measured by number and type of dog bites reported--numbers that can be mysteriously difficult to obtain, especially in these places that are so boldly claiming success.


something wrong here:

"In 2006, Omaha recorded 916 actual dog bites.

In 2007, that number was 821 - a 10% increase."

I think 821 is a decrease from 916.......


Thanks Emily -- typo fixed. The number was right. The descriptor was wrong.


thanks for this post. they should open their numbers up completely


Thanks for the numbers KC. I'm spreading this post around. :)

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