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February 03, 2011



Because of their aggressive nature?

Sounds awfully familiar.

While most probably would not have been placeable (actual lack of space/homes), it is fallacious to argue that ALL fighting roosters are aggressive. Give them a little time to decompress, work with their higher arousal around other roosters, and well, quite frankly some (maybe many, no studies done) can live normal lives WITH other roosters. I've worked with fighting roosters on both ends of the spectrum, and I know of several other sanctuaries who have successfully "rehabilitated" fighting roosters.

What a sad, shame.


Yes Marji -- it sounded awfully familiar.

I won't profess to be any type of expert on roosters...but I can say that as someone who thinks sticking a needle in something should be the ver last resort, that I'm pretty sure not all options were widely explored in just a couple of days between "rescue" and death.


I once knew someone who once knew someone who fought roosters in the Dominican Republic. I asked if they ate the roosters after they died from the fights. I was told no because they injected them with poison to get them to fight and act crazier. Such a sick and wasteful horror. I also learned that some people over there consider it an addiction, gambling on and fighting animals. I suppose it could be like other gambling addictions, but what a horrible thing to do to beautiful living beings.


What "you" typically does with a thousand roosters is make coq a vin.

What "you" probably doesn't do is call that "euthanasia." Or claim to have "rescued" dinner.

Robert Garnett

Chickens raised for food live much more horrible lives and the government doesn't even consider them "animals".


A friend of mine grew up on a farm and she said roosters are fine to eat if you put the breast in a pressure cooker first.

Robert - what does the government call chickens if they don't call them animals? Turnips? Lumps of coal? Just curious. Your average fryer chicken only lives 45 days or so - it's a short "horrible life".


Chickens raised for food are not injected with Strychnine to make them mean and angry so they will fight harder than normal roosters do.


Strychnine? Where did the chicken fighters get that idea? Is that another HSUS fabrication? Why doesn't it kill them? I'm remembering the lethal dose for small vetebrates is quite small and it's highly toxic.

Robert Garnett

KMK: I think they call them economic units or widgets.


kmk: it's the chicken version of "they put gunpowder in pit bulls' food to make them mean"!

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