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January 09, 2011



I look forward to this whole column and I do appreciate that it must be very time consuming.
I would not like to see any of it dropped but if you must please keep the legislative updates and some of the bite incidents just to show that the circumstances are similar and the incidents aren`t Breed Specific.The abuse cases are hard to read but probably necessary.The other Blogs are good.The Good Press is encouraging and Misc always has some interesting gems.I`d say keep it all but of course that wouldn`t help with your time management.Appreciate the time spent on it.


I look forward to this post each week as well.

I really like the links to other blog postings, because I'm always on the lookout for more blogs/good posts to read (and I'm kind of too lazy to google-fu them myself).

I also like the bsl posts.

Roberta Beach

I read all your posts. I really like the legislative information and the good press...I have several poo eating dogs - three of which were from puppy mills - nuff said. Habits do die hard. My least favorite aspect is the bite reports - they are informative, though. I do appreciate the effort.

Paula G from Indiana

I read everything you post, thank you for your hard work and time. My poo eater was raised from birth by me in a very clean environment. I pick up the yard frequently and am trying the "leave it" advised in the article.

Lori S.

I wonder if you'll see a change in stats now that we can follow via Facebook too? I often don't think to check each day to see if there's a new post, but will probably read articles the same day posted now that I'm also following via FB.

For some reason, it seems like if I read the post the day it was posted, I don't click to open the article (which is often the case on the weekends when you post the weekly roundup) and instead read it from your homepage. Whereas for articles posted on previous days, it seems like I'm more likely to click over to read the article on the page dedicated to that article. Perhaps I do this because I want to see the comments on the older articles but there aren't comments on the fresh posts??

I'd like to see all of the information in the roundup stay, but I particularly like updates on BSL and bite reports.

Karen Fishler

Like others, I look forward to these roundups and very much appreciate the time that must go into them. There is always a lot of material I haven't encountered in my own reading for one reason or another, and each section is interesting and valuable. Thanks so much for the effort you put into these columns.

FYI, your March column debunking was recently cited by a commenter to a Seattle neighborhood journalism site's article -- second of two stories they did -- about the New Year's Eve shooting of a loose female pit bull by city police (which wounded her) and the death of her male companion, also a pit bull, in a police catchpole. The citation of your column was a response after another reader in the comment stream pointed readers to for information. Many people are paying attention to your work.


I am always glad to find a new article posted during the week, but I count on the weekly wrap-up (even though I sometimes don't get to it until Monday), since it gives me so much info on continuing issues from various sources. I'm sure it's time consuming to put together, but I'd be sad to lose any of it, even the things I don't click over to for various reasons. If any part has to go, the Misc. part, while 'happier' is the part I click through to less often because of time pressures on my end. I appreciate the 'harder' news you report and will spend more time on it. Overall, though, you do such a great job on the whole thing - and all your posts are interesting and valuable - and I appreciate your efforts a great deal.


I haven't checked out the dicussion about poop eaters yet. I wish I could figure out how to stop that - I'd be an instant multi-millionaire. Interestingly, my two "poop eaters" are (or were) two of the finest-bred dogs I've owned. My current poop-eater is the worst and she's out of a top-notch kennel. None of my three rescues were poop eaters. So much for the "puppy mill" theory.

Re: over-vaccination - The AKC's Canine Health Fund was funding a vaccinosis study through the University of Auburn (I think). Not sure if there have been any published results yet.

And now, for the two stories that make my head hurt: (1) Camdenton, Missouri - that one is so ridiculous I don't even know where to start. Someone sent that one to me last night and I had already reached my "stupid quotient" for the day so it was difficult to read. (2) Re: the family in Oklahoma whose toddler was attacked by their own "pit bull" and they want a pit bull law? I have a better idea - we need a law to prevent those idiots from reproducing.

I echo everyone else's sentiments, Brent. thanks for your most excellent roundup.

Jennifer Brighton

Brent, I, too, read your weekly update religiously. Maybe not all at once but I normally go into each link and story you provide by mid-week. Being on the West Coast, I actually check for your weekly update on Sunday night if that tells you anything. You do a wonderful job of getting up-to-date info. to us. I learn something new with each of your posts and continue to use it when educating people, either verbally or on my various posts here and there.

We'd be lost without you, that's for sure.

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